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Why Accredited Investors Enjoy Greater Investment Opportunities

accredited investors

F. Scott Fitzgerald famously wrote that the rich are “different from you and me.” Perhaps the truest way to see this difference is by looking at where wealthy people choose to invest their money. Of course, individuals at every income level may have a standard portfolio that includes IRA or 401k accounts. But those with either high annual incomes or a robust net worth may purchase riskier — and higher-yield — investments. Only accredited investors gain access to these riskier (and often, more profitable) investment vehicles.

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Financial Health Check

Where Does Your Score Fall On the Credit Range Scale?

credit range scale

You looked up your credit score online or requested it from your bank — nice job. It’s important if you’re moving into a new apartment, applying for a loan or signing up for a credit card. But what does that number really mean? Let’s look at how the credit range scale breaks down by rating type as well as numerical score. We’ll also explain where you should fall in order to qualify for certain financial products and services.

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Prequalifed vs. Preapproved: What Home Buyers Should Know

prequalified vs. preapproved

When you begin the process of purchasing a home, you may feel like you’re learning a whole new vocabulary. What does it mean to be prequalified for a mortgage? What about prequalified vs. preapproved — does that make any difference? And why does HGTV spend so much time talking about open concept kitchens, and so little time explaining mortgage terminology? Don’t despair! While the process might seem complicated, it’s not that hard to learn everything you need to know.

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