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Why You Need an Unbiased 401k Review

unbiased 401k review

If you have an employer-provided 401k account but didn’t thoroughly review your options after making initial investment picks, you’re not alone. According to Forbes, more than 52 million American workers are currently enrolled in 401k plans. And these plan assets equal about $3.5 trillion, but how many employees ask third parties for an unbiased 401k review? Many employees probably enjoy monitoring their accounts and digging into details regarding fees quarterly or even annually. However, others likely haven’t thought much about these accounts since they first received their employee handbooks.

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Energy Investing

Tech Advances in Oil and Gas Revive America’s Shale Revolution

shale revolution

Some people say America’s shale revolution (which began in 2006) is now over. However, despite lower oil and gas prices, new advances in technology make energy extraction increasingly cheaper to do. Oil is still the most-traded commodity in the world. Recent refining industry shake-ups from Harvey and Irma uncovered just how quickly American demand for gasoline shifts during a crisis. The upshot? If you’re going to invest in energy extraction, do it now — before American production surpasses OPEC’s biggest members.

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Saving & Retirement

Three Revenue Stream Options to Carry You Through Retirement

revenue stream options

There comes a time in every person’s life when retirement goes from some vague, meaningless concept to a fast-approaching reality. Saving a little more from your paycheck each month and hoping for the best usually isn’t enough to cover everything. Now is the best time to start reviewing reliable revenue stream options to implement after your regular working days conclude.

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