7 Jobs More Likely to Hire Workers In Their 50s

Jobs More Likely to Hire Workers Their 50s

Too young to retire, but worried about changing careers in your 50s? You have more options than you may think. According to recent reporting, it’s a good time to be a worker in your 50s. There are many employment opportunities for individuals that have life experience, reliability, flexibility, and emotional maturity on their side. And if you’re looking for a new job later in life, you’re certainly not alone. Over 40% of individuals over 55 are employed or looking for work right now, which is more than previous years.

There are several industries in which employees are in their 50s or older, on average. If you are thinking of changing careers, take a serious look at one of these seven promising sectors of the economy and go for it!

#1: Tax Preparer

Committed to working fewer hours after making your career change? Tax preparers are, on average, 51.4 years old. Their average salary ranges just over $25,000 — but most don’t work year-round, so it might be your perfect new role.

#2: Real Estate Appraiser/Assessor

Have you always wanted to get more involved in real estate through a hands-on position? Consider training to become a real estate appraiser/assessor. These folks are 50.4 years old, on average. The salary for a commercial appraiser averages around $95,408 annually, making this an especially attractive field.

#3: Bus Driver

Most bus drivers in the U.S. are around 53.1 years old. The best-paid drivers make $62,240 in San Jose, New York City, and Chicago, while the lowest-paid earn approximately $22,310 annually. School bus drivers earn a $29,490 median salary per year. It might not sound like much, but many bus drivers are also unionized. Plus, the job offers greater schedule flexibility than some other workforce opportunities.

#4: Postal Service Clerk

Are you efficient and friendly? You might find a new work home at the post office. Most postal service clerks are about 52.5 years old, and make around $15.77 per hour, depending on previous experience. There’s overtime pay potential, and job applicants only need to have a high school diploma.

#5: Tool and Die Maker

Tool and die makers have an average age of 51.7 and earn a $60,000 median annual salary. However, this number’s only realistic for those with a lot of experience. Newer entrants to the industry can expect closer to $35,000 per year. The good news is that most individuals working in this employment sector report high job satisfaction.

#6: Tailor or Dressmaker

If you become self-employed, you control your schedule — and you may be able to take a home office/workspace tax deduction. Tailors and dressmakers, many of whom run their own sole proprietorships, are 54.1 years old, on average. Most earn approximately $15.44 per hour.

#7: Real Estate Broker/Realtor

Real estate brokers/realtors have a median age of 50.7 years old and enjoy salaries around $56,054/annually. This is a field where life experience really matters, so being in your 50s can be a major asset. People want to purchase a home under guidance from someone with wisdom and deep insight into the community they’re serving. If you know your home town’s neighborhoods like nobody else, parlay that knowledge into a real estate career.

Data regarding average age for all job sectors on this list was sourced directly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Cities Ideal for Workers Looking for New Careers In Their 50s

And if you do decide to seek new employment opportunities in your 50s, remember: You are valuable. It’s true that you’ll need to learn new skills. But you also have perspective and flexibility (free of the demands of raising young children) that many employers desperately need. Thinking about re-entering the workforce and relocating in your 50s? AARP reports that several cities are ideal for older workers due to:

  • Low unemployment rates
  • Strong healthcare networks
  • Cultural opportunities
  • Good public transportation

As a result, Atlanta, Austin, and Dallas all made the AARP’s recommended cities list.

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